CoPilott Expert Services will
take your site to the next level

CoPilott offers:

  • Customized expert support
  • Cloud security services
  • Professional code review
  • Performance monitoring

Expert Support Services

CoPilott offers a customized suite of support services designed to launch your site into the stratosphere. Whether you host with us or host your own site, our AWS-certified professional engineers are on standby and ready to help.

Expert Support

Our WordPress consultants support your WordPress operation and maintenance, so you can focus on your business and page content.Don’t install or migrate anything.
We’ll handle it!

Code Review

Let our experienced staff check your code for security issues and vulnerabilities—so you can use your WordPress site more safely.

Performance Monitoring

Our system administrator monitors servers regularly and analyses what causes low performance, ensuring optimal performance.

Upgrades and Updates

We perform regular maintenance, operation verification, and core WordPress and plugin updates to keep you up-to-date.

Security Auditing

We automatically back up databases, servers, and file storage, so you can restore a failed or attacked site quickly and easily without worrying about attacks to other accounts.

Project Management Tools

We are supported via Backlog, the best and easiest project management tool on the web. Members can manage their projects anytime, anywhere without losing communication with other teammates.

Cloud Security Services

CoPilott offers professional code review and best-in-class cloud security services to protect your site from vulnerabilities.

Anti-virus Protection

Detects and removes viruses from your system in the cloud

IDS/IPS (virtual patches)

A virtual patch corresponding to the vulnerability information of applications and OS protects the system from attacks

Web Application Protection

Keeps your system safe from SQL injection and cross-site scripting (XSS)


Protects your system by filtering by MAC address or IP, port, etc.

Change Monitoring and Registry Files

Monitors unauthorized changes to the system and detects tampering in important OS files and applications

Log Inspection

Analyzes the log of applications and OS and visualizes the important security events of the monitored system