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Fully Managed

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Backed by AWS

Our sites are flexible, fast, safe—and backed by Amazon Web Services (AWS).

Unlimited Scalability

Our capacity flexes to meet the high-traffic demands of large-scale websites.

Lightning Fast

Our cloud-based technology is
fast and durable.

Auto-Scaling on Demand

Maintain availability and
eliminate downtime.

Globally Available, Locally Served

Connecting with customers has never
been faster or easier.

WooCommerce Hosting

Our WooCommerce hosting solutions utilize a high performance AMIMOTO-AMI server and the AWS platform to boost your eCommerce site flexibility.

Stage 1

  • Bloggers
  • 50GB SSD
  • 0.5TB Transfer
  • -
  • -
  • 2.5m PVs
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Stage 2

  • Small Business
  • 50GB SSD
  • 1TB Transfer
  • -
  • -
  • 5m PVs
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Stage 3

  • Start-up
  • 100GB SSD
  • 2TB Transfer
  • RDS
  • AutoScaling
  • 10m PVs
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Moon Shot

  • Enterprise
  • 100GB SSD
  • 5TB Transfer
  • RDS
  • AutoScaling
  • 20m PVs
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  • Extraterrestrial
  • 100GB SSD
  • 10TB Transfer
  • AutoScaling
  • RDS
  • 20m PVs
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Key Benefits

We understand the pressure of maintaining an eCommerce site. That’s why we offer flexible hosting solutions to fit your site’s ever-changing needs.

Reduce infrastructure and operational costs based on the number of access.

For eCommerce sites, the number of access varies greatly depending on the season, event, time, and promotional campaign. When your site access is low, you may downgrade your plan to save costs. When you launch a new product and expect an increase in access, you can upgrade your plan to strengthen the infrastructure to maintain performance. Daily change of hosting plans is allowed.

It’s easy to customize your site and add any functionalities.

You don’t have to develop a function each time you’d like to add a new site feature. Simply choose from hundreds of easy-to-add WordPress and WooCommerce themes and plugins. With WP-CLI and Git, your WordPress site is even easier to operate, so you can personalize it to the style best suited to your business.

Easily correspond to the steep increase of access, such as your promo sales shown on TV or published in magazines.

On high demand, you may upgrade your hosting plan to strengthen your infrastructure and accommodate high traffic. This way, your site won’t slow down or experience downtime during your sale campaigns.

Additional eCommerce Support

Need even more support? Check out our Elasticommerce Services Option.

Ultra speedy search engine service

Provides the ability to replace the default search function of AMIMOTO + WooCommerce with a full-text search engine through the open source Elasticsearch that improves the accuracy of search functions. To view the conversion result of the search results and product purchased by monitoring function, you can tune the search results from the user control panel. Search results tuning function and monitoring functions of eCommerce sites will be able to turn PDCA for conversion so achievement rate is improved.

High performance engine service recommendation

Using the data of a high performance search engine service, it provides more high performance products recommendation function. Since it may be applied even to blog posts, the CVR of related products are enhanced by operating in combination with a robust search engine service, possibly increasing the average spending per customer.

CoPilott Expert Services

Need a service plan built specifically for you? Roger that. We offer customized, best-in-class support services to fit your site’s unique needs.

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