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Introducing Pilott, your new high performance WordPress cloud hosting solution.

Customized to fit your specific needs, Pilott simplifies development and is optimized for lightening-fast speed and constant scalability. With Pilott, your site will be fast, flexible, and secure—and you won’t have to give it a second thought.

Three... Two... One — Blast off!

Hosting Solutions

High performance hosting solutions for
enterprise and WooCommerce sites.

Managed Hosting

CoPilott Expert Services

A suite of customized services designed to take
your site to the next level.

Expert Services

Houston, we have features!

Our goal is to make the user experience as streamlined and worry-free as possible. That’s why our highly scalable hosting solutions were designed with you in mind.

Fully Managed

Don’t install or migrate anything.
We’ll handle it!

Backed by AWS

Our sites are flexible, fast, safe—and backed by Amazon Web Services (AWS).

Unlimited Scalability

Our capacity flexes to meet the high-traffic demands of large-scale websites.

Lightning Fast

Our cloud-based technology is
fast and durable.

Auto-Scaling on Demand

Maintain availability and
eliminate downtime.

Globally Available, Locally Served

Connecting with customers has never
been faster or easier.

Hey, Mission Control,
can we get a CoPilott up here?

Our engineers are AWS-certified professionals with years of WordPress development and operation experience. We offer customized, best-in-class support services to fit your site’s specific needs.

Expert Support

Our WordPress consultants support your WordPress operation and maintenance, so you can focus on your business and page content.

Upgrades and Updates

We perform regular maintenance, operation verification, and core WordPress and plugin updates to keep you up-to-date.

Code Review

Let our experienced staff check your code for security issues and vulnerabilities—so you can use your WordPress site more safely.

Security Auditing

We automatically back up databases, servers, and file storage, so you can restore a failed or attacked site quickly and easily without worrying about attacks to other accounts.

Performance Monitoring

Our system administrator monitors servers regularly and analyses what causes low performance, ensuring optimal performance.

Project Management Tools

We are supported via Backlog, the best and easiest project management tool on the web. Members can manage their projects anytime, anywhere without losing communication with other teammates.

Big Sites. Big Names. Big Benefits.

We work with some of the biggest brands and news outlets in the business. They trust their sites to Pilott—and you should too.

"The first time I launched a site with Pilott, it loaded so fast I thought I was still looking at the local version."

— Shaun Baer, J2 Design
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